M* Path Algorithm

M-Star Path Algorithm

The M-Star (M*) Path Algorithm is a Patent Protected Algorithm that is aimed at finding a route between two points in a graph or grid without exploration of the entire domain.
In its basic form, the algorithm makes use of a matrix that defines the grid (usually in 2D but can equally be used in 3D or even n-D) through a parametric representation of all the nodes and connections.

example of M-Star Path algorithm
The path between the two points is a property of the matrix and as such only a single segment (i.e. the next node in the path) can be computed -or the entire path- depending on the situation at hand.

Since the matrix is dependent only on the grid being used, it can be pre-calculated and stored without requiring an update when the two points are modified.
Further use of the Algorithm includes it use in Obstacle Avoidance (where 'No-Go' regions may be dynamically added or removed without re-computation of the grid) and in Social Grids (where the shortest distance is less of a concern rather than whether two points are connected at all).

In general, the M* Path Algorithm (once the grid has been defined) achieves a time complexity as low as O(S*C) (where S is the number of steps that it takes to connect the points and C is the average number of connections at each of those steps). Determination of the 'next' step from a current location towards a destination has thus a complexity of O(C).

The purpose of this site is to provide information to interested parties.
Currently, the algorithm has been implemented into development libraries and the focus is on finding a partner to support further work or an interested party to license/purchase the algorithm for further commercial development and implementation.

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